"After-the-Fact Permitting" Turn-Key Service

Do you have a situation where you have made an addition to your home without getting a building permit first?

(examples: finished a bonus room, 3rd floor Attic, or finished basement, added a sunroom, added a screen porch or deck)

Do you need to get the addition permitted in order to sell the home, or to get the home to appraise for it's full value?

(this has become a problem today with selling homes in North Carolina, and it's a real safety concern if the electric wiring and other components were installed incorrectly)

Good News!

It is possible to get a building permit, have it inspected, and obtain a final certificate of occupancy AFTER the project has been completed. This can even be done years after the project was completed.

Not So Good News.

It's not easy. It's complicated and time consuming.

Better News!

Hagan Home Inspections offers a turn-key service where I do the legwork for you. Using my expertise and the help of my team (licensed electrician, heating and cooling contractor, and plumber) I have the ability to streamline the process to make it happen quickly. 

In the past 2 years, I have done over 65 of these jobs in the Triangle including Cary, Raleigh, Wake County, Durham, Holly Springs, Garner, and Fuquay Varina. I am very familiar with the various permit offices, the city and county inspectors, and the process. My service includes the following:

  • Initial inspection of area that was built without a permit
  • Create drawing of finished space/addition (often required for permit)
  • Provide licensed electrician, HVAC contractor, and plumber (if required) to inspect the property if needed and submit their name and license number on the permit
  • Fill out the permit application
  • Walk-through of your application at the city or county permit office
  • Obtain building permit
  • Schedule city inspections and meet inspector at the home (up to 2 times)
  • Send you by email a list of any re-work requested by the city or county
  • I can suggest quality contractors who can get the work done (you pay contractors directly at their cost only. I am not acting as the general contractor so you don't have to pay a marked-up price! You can even pick your own contractors if you wish)
  • Obtain Certificate of Occupancy and deliver to homeowner

How it Works

  • Call me at 919-889-0856 to schedule your initial inspection of the addition.‚Äč
  • There is a charge of $200 to do the initial inspect (this charge will apply towards the total fee for services)
  • After that, I will give you a quote for my services to handle the whole process. I will also give you my opinion of what re-work the city or county may require to pass their inspection, and a rough estimate of that cost
  • If you decide to move forward, I will fill out your permit application using license numbers for my team of contractors (license #'s are necessary on the permit application)
  • I will then schedule the city or county inspections and meet the inspectors at the site. Once any requested re-work is complete, I will arrange your final inspections and get your certificate of occupancy.

Sound complicated? Not when you hire me to handle it for you!

John Hagan

Hagan Home Inspections


[email protected]